our solution

We are creating an innovative on-demand packaging system with focus on modularity and integrability.


The input of our system is cardboard, in fanfold, roll or sheet form.

Carboard is cut to shape such that it forms a perfect-fitting box for the incoming order. The optimal box template is calculated through proprietary optimization algorithms.

The carboard templates are pre-formed into ready-to-use boxes.

Usage Modes


Partial B.O.D.

Complete B.O.D.

Type of Production
format box batches produced in advance.

WMS Connection
No WMS connection necessary.

Based on order data analysis by dimensional class.

Type of Production
Custom boxes in real time.

WMS Connection
No WMS connection necessary but connected to 3D scanner.

Based on orders scanned.

Type of Production
Custom boxes in real time.

WMS Connection
Connected to WMS (Item dimensional data).

Based on item dimensions (3D algorithm for optimal item arrangement).


Our box on demand system allows for a dramatic cost reduction and many perks enabled by its radically innovative approach.

Downstream logistics are intrinsically optimised. Transport, be it via truck, freight or airplane is better utilised as more packages containing less air are fit into the same cargo space.

A strong reduction in the CO2 emissions of the supply chain is achieved, as material waste is eliminated, and overall transportation requirements are drastically reduced.

An impressive amount of material is saved: not only do cardboard requirements reduce, but also void fillers are completely avoided in most cases.

The unpacking experience for the final user is greatly improved: disposing large amounts of void filling material is no longer necessary.

All these factors result in a substantial improvement in brand reputation.

Manufacturing boxes is significantly more cost effective rather than buying them ready-made: this translates often into a ROI within less than a year.

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